Monday, 31 January 2011

Testing, Testing..... 1, 2, Money!!

Enjoy virtual gaming?
Fancy having a look at Anno1777 and turn virtal cash you earn into real money in your bank account!

I am currently giving this a go and after a few weeks am seeing that it can be tricky to get a grip on.. But I am still very new here so Can't jump in at the deep end! But I do enjoy it... Even though right now I can't do much... but it is better than finding I have loads to do there and have no time between my clicking and blogs and such... hee hee!!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Latest Clicks…

I have been clicking like mad over the past few days… And catching up with my targets that i have set myself… Well, Trying to catch up over the weekend that I have been lacking over the week.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Have been earning credits for my websites to advertise them and gain traffic. And enjoying it over the weekends more than during the week.. As I can click and do other things at the same time..

I have become a premium member here to gain more adverts to click.. As more people post their adverts for premium members not for the other members… So I am earning alot right now and want to use the cash to post my adverts for the free members so they have something to click… and I will gain more traffic from this…

Start Xchange Banner

A very nice layout and with a  small chat room down the side of the page.. you can turn it off and just click.. but i fidn it quite entertaining when I am concentrating on the site.


So now I am going to carry on with my target busting.

Oh! Almost forgot!! Fancy a little shop online that is cheaper than Ebay!?

IcyBids – Brand new auction shopping site.. See how cheap it is to set up a small shop, auction your products and show how great it can be!

Check out my shop!

Shopping Trolley 125x125

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Earning Honestly Package Offer!

Advertising your needs for a writer couldn’t be easier..!

For our special offer of $10 off using ‘10OFF2010’

Or maybe you wish to place 5 advertisements fancy saving up to $50 off our original price!?

Use ‘jO4dJIXG6J’ when you purchase the 5vers Package Deal

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Target Viewers!

So we are nearly at 1000 viewers now… Thanks to

1:1 Traffic Exchange

what can I say… it gets us noticed and maybe some will fancy joining us! but at least it is working for free no less! Have a look and see what you think about it! build Splash pages, Rotating links and much more!


Target to reach on this site is 200 clicks… Already reached 150 so not too far off now.. So when not working at the weekends will definitely get over my target as been as will have loads of time to kill! hee hee


What Target will you have?

Strategies For Earning On EasyHits4U

Currently you can earn $0.30 every 1000 clicks..

So here is what I am going to do to make it every week.

  • Click around 150 – 200 a day… more if not working
  • Carry on with other tasks I have currently got going on
  • Advertise my links and banners every time I write about the site.

For the time being… Currently clicking quite a bit.. And so hoping it works out really as it will just be used to advertise my website and nothing more really. It is a nice place to use and share my website by collecting credits and spending them on my links, to be used to advertise them for clicks…

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Traffic Earner

I have been thinking of gaining traffic and remembered being a member of one site I used a lot of months ago.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Here I can click to view sites, earn credits and spend it on my own banner views, site views or cash it in! EASY!


Also, Referrals are always needed and you can message them and to tempt them to click your banners or sites, you can attach which ever you wish fro them to click and adjust how much to spend and how long to view it. Or just put down how much to pay them for the clicks… EASY!! And tempting! So the clicks I do can be used to fund this and encourage them to keep clicking and maybe start to gain referrals and carry on being an active member like on some of my other links here..

Although to gain $0.30 you have to 1000 clicks and along the way you earn banner impressions, site impressions and credits! Which can be used for impressions or to encourage referrals to click your links! so if you can make around 100 clicks a day… if not more it shouldn’t take too long to get to $0.30. Take your time with this… as you will soon find that you will have to be clicking 24/7 to get to payment – $3.00.

If you are like me, who has some time but commitments, then  you will try to at least have some fun with the teedious clicking.. maybe splitting the clicks over the day might help more. I have been thinking of maybe doing some i the mornings, around 25-50 during the day and maybe if bored, will do more during that time. Pass time and earn some impressions for my website.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


So we have reached 600 Page Views today! So how about a party or a prize..? i don’t think any of my blogs have had that many views before… We have been going since 14th Nov 2009 and have been changing ever since! Hee Hee


So a HUGE thank – you to everyone who have viewed, visited, follow, read and write here.. We couldn’t get to where we are without you all!

Post Our New Banner!

Create your own banner at!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Currently we are looking for writers who wish to share their experiences with our readers, share the blog with others and maybe start to earn through their links being posted on here.

So feel free to post this banner everywhere you can and contact us to join in!


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

For all you Bloggers/Website Owners

I have found a great little site from my Friend Suzanne on her website.

Create your own banner at!

Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

So what do you think…? After 2nd attempt as well! VERY cool I know… and the banner is linked to my website, picture was mine and do love the glitter! the website is posted on the banners as been as they are free.. Cant complain as most of the time people will see the banner and click it rather than reading the small print! lol!!

You can use the banners with html links attached to them fro others to copy and paste, or have it without to post onto a website or blog etc. I do love the site and Thank Suzanne for the inspiration! And having her own on her website for me to find! LOL

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Few Dear Friends

I have met a lot of people through my time online… and through my journey or earning online it has been bumpy but fun to say the least! So here are a few of my friends..

Suzanne – Has been a decent person to help me with my novice freelancing.. I am crap at writing but she has helped give me pointers in the right direction, showed me how to sound and look professional in my writing and also gave me tips on earning the right way online.

The Blogger – I met not too long ago and have been helping with his affiliate and blog.. Feel free to check their blog out and feedback is always welcome.

ChillPill90 – has been a fun person to get to know.. they are currently earning through a number of ways and I am hoping they will wish to be a writer on here and post their links, banners and experiences here to share with all. I certainly wish to hear more! hee hee!!

Rizza – A shy person to the earning business… but is always keen to learn. And has done so… Currently she is working on her blogs and hoping for more followers to help with her work. Also if there are any tips that could help improve, she does enjoy gaining new skills…


So here are a few of my friends who I enjoy interacting and knowing… Feel free to follow their blogs and give them tips, comments and more. They do enjoy gaining more knowledge and improving their blogs to make them more enjoyable to read and follow. As do I.

Latest Takings..

If you fancy some quick and fun earnings… here are my tips..

I have been paid quite a bit from my referrals and using the diamond points to buy wheel spins on a lotto kind of thing, where you can win from $2 to 10 diamond points. I joined here a while ago and just forgot all about it… Didn’t understand it really and had posted the banner on my blog I left it for a while… got back to it to find soo many referrals had joined and participated on the site and I had earned over $5 for their help! So soon cashed out.. And having over 600 diamond points i soon got going on lotto wheels pins and earned allot from that too so soon cashed that out as well!

Is the most fun lil place ever!! If you love to chat and meet fun people… and earn for doing it! Then get on over here and meet some of the best people to ever help you chat and earn! For a beginner it is advised you read the rules which is always on show for all to read… also pay attention to MOD’s and Admin who are the nicknames with dots next to them… they will advise and help you with anything that you may wish to ask…
Click a nickname from the chat room and type next to it in the writing box below… and press enter to send your message fro that person to the chat room. Be aware that writing too many lines one after the other on the page is classed as spamming. Ensure that if you are to share a link that you send it to someone who wishes for it and not to just keep posting them over and over… have a real conversation… we are here to have fun not to be sold everything possible! Always ask fro help and be polite… we don’t fancy seeing new people come in and not come back due to their naivety.
Look out for me! SaucyReet xx
mylot banner
This site I love to be on.. And earning on here can be a little tough but is well worth it if you enjoy reading posts about all sorts and commenting about them in great detail giving advice and your thoughts… please be as un-biased and positive about the subjects as you possibly can… we all hate to receive negative feedback but if it is worded in a positive way it can be seen in a lighter note rather than it being bad. Everyone wants to gain feedback, good or bad, saying something negative but then seeing it in another way as well can make others see it differently and also the person who posted the subject see it differently instead of being one sided so to speak.
Well, here are a few of my faves so far… there are more on the Banners Page on here so please have a look and see what you think…

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Setting Up…

Right now I am currently setting up a site collecting my blogs as well as banners and links to my friends who earn online… So please check it out and soon be able to follow here. Contact me if you wish to be added here as a friend linking to your profile on another site.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Freelance Working

Do you have some freelance work that you need to get done..? Have blogs to write? Newsletters to publish? Content to re-invent?
Well how about posting your advert here and see about someone finding your job to complete!
Earning Honestly is our very own Honest Projects board. Find our latest ads, quality features and easy to use postings… For the cheapest price around!
And to save you even more… How about a discount code to start you off!?
Quote ‘10OFF2010’ and save $10 from our price! BARGAIN!!!!

Want to post the widget to advertise your ad to others from this site!?
Please click the Contact button and request the widget. We will soon send this to you.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011 Peeps!!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year and the New Year ahead brings you joy and fun wishes..

Thank – You to all my followers for being supportive and do hope you enjoy more posts here.

Happy 2011 everyone!!! xxxx


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