Sunday, 16 January 2011

Traffic Earner

I have been thinking of gaining traffic and remembered being a member of one site I used a lot of months ago.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Here I can click to view sites, earn credits and spend it on my own banner views, site views or cash it in! EASY!


Also, Referrals are always needed and you can message them and to tempt them to click your banners or sites, you can attach which ever you wish fro them to click and adjust how much to spend and how long to view it. Or just put down how much to pay them for the clicks… EASY!! And tempting! So the clicks I do can be used to fund this and encourage them to keep clicking and maybe start to gain referrals and carry on being an active member like on some of my other links here..

Although to gain $0.30 you have to 1000 clicks and along the way you earn banner impressions, site impressions and credits! Which can be used for impressions or to encourage referrals to click your links! so if you can make around 100 clicks a day… if not more it shouldn’t take too long to get to $0.30. Take your time with this… as you will soon find that you will have to be clicking 24/7 to get to payment – $3.00.

If you are like me, who has some time but commitments, then  you will try to at least have some fun with the teedious clicking.. maybe splitting the clicks over the day might help more. I have been thinking of maybe doing some i the mornings, around 25-50 during the day and maybe if bored, will do more during that time. Pass time and earn some impressions for my website.

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