Sunday, 21 March 2010

OMG it paid me!!!

Original Transaction
Date              Type                                   Status          Gross          Fee                 Net
15 Mar 2010   Payment From Gomez, Inc.   Completed     $5.31 USD   $0.00 USD      $5.31 USD

Related Transactions
Date              Type                           Status            Gross              Fee              Net
15 Mar 2010   Currency Conversion    Completed       -$5.31 USD     $0.00 USD   -$5.31 USD
15 Mar 2010   Currency Conversion    Completed       £3.44 GBP       £0.00 GBP   £3.44 GBP

I cannot beloeve it has finally come fro Feb payment it come through in 15th march... maybe not a whole month but I'm soo glad it paid me... unlike others who are dirty scammers!!

Gomez Peer

For your chance to get paid as I did and get friends onto it aswell... check it out above!!! It runs in the background of your computer, it counts up teh time you are comnnected to the internet without a browser needed to be open and REALLY pays!!!! OMG it worked!!!!!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Toolbar for Honest Earners

I have set up my very own website.... for online earning

Honest Earner

Also, there is a free toolbar to have on your browser to get updates, make friedns and share ideas on the chat group or shot about it!! Radio and search engine... you can personalise it if you wish to and if you don't like it, it doesn't hurt to uninstall it.
For info and links please visit the website above and check us out!!

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