Sunday, 27 February 2011

Being Neglecting...

Do apologise... today have been busy with other little things that I have been neglecting some of my goals!

Clicks have been lacking.. although getting my lines in has been achieved... Bit late but has been done.
So right now am trying to catch up... although it is now sunday not Saturday... It all starts again so my targets fro Saturday are all shot! But sunday is started early... VERY!

Really should finish writing this... taking me over half an hour to write this. As I'm clicking and writing and surfing... lol

Friday, 25 February 2011

Fancy Advertising Here?

Do you have something that you wish to advertise with us? Take a look at our Page Views and see how we are peaking! So you can have your adverts viewed from $10 a month.. Easy!!

Would love ot chat a bit more... but our adverts don't get seen without some advertising of our own! xx

Getting Clicks Done

Always getting my clicks in everyday and it can be more of a chore than finding it fun. But having other little things to do online at the same time makes it more bearable.
Is what I am currently using to steer traffic to my blogs, websites, banners and more. Though you can click as much as you like, it can be very boring and time consuming. So here is what I like to get up to in between clicks.
So right now I am writing this and clicking also. But leaving the chatting till later when I get quite a few clicks in... Target - minimum 50-75 during the day then after work tonight 150-200+

Monday, 21 February 2011

Triond Postings..

I am going back to my roots on this one my blogging friends...

I have been getting back to it all and started to find that once I post something and it is approved, I will post the links to every available place to gain as much traffic as possible for it. Although using PTC would be cheating... having my posts showing on here and having this being shown for all to see isn't directly cheating..
So here goes... Something I had in draft for a long time and just happened to be finishing another article when I found this.
Busy With Online Life

Wuite informative if I do say so myself... And there is another I am currently waiting for approval on which I feel was very professionally written for myself! Hee Hee!!
So find me on Triond and add me peeps! my name is hilighted on the article.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Whilst Clicking…. Inspired!

Whilst I was clicking through EasyHits, I found a banner above one of the advertising websites. Looked interesting so I clicked it… And found
Get 10,000+ visitors to your site daily with's free targeted traffic exchange and banner network.
Here you can advertise your websites and links with them.. Also you can earn via their manual surfing or Auto surfing system! Which I was particularly interested in!
Open-mouthed smile So had to join up!! and now, I can click onto it and leave it to do it’s thing!
Here you can see the auto surf counter at the top of the screen. This will count down and change the page automatically. so you can surf your other websites and check in every so often!
I have found though… after a little while of being on another website, Check back to find it has logged me out and says that there are no more sites for my region… which is strange really… I click Auto surf again and find more sites to surf… but it does it again..
Wonder if that is their cheat defence! If it is… might have to keep clicking every so often back to log back on and surf a bit more then log back in over and over… UGH…..!

at least the manual one is same as EasyHits. you have to click a word or do a sum to verify you are there and human..

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ro2 Chat Room

Here is the World Chat Room that you earn 100% of your lines


You have to type 60 letters/characters or more to earn your full potential.


So making sure you follow the rules and MOD’s that are there to help and have fun also, you should be able to earn maximum amount!

Ro2 Chat Payment

I have been receiving small amounts from being on here but it all can add up.
Ro2 Chat Payment1
Now here is my monthly allowance I received. But now changes hav been made to the Percentage points.. You have to be an active member to receive your referral’s allowance and the percentage added to your earnings. A bit complex really but if you are a member you will know what I mean really.
So no more monthly allowance unless you are on everyday, writing as much as you can to earn from your referrals and gain extra percentage added from your points to your lines.. So on I go!! hee hee

Friday, 4 February 2011

SwagBucks Earner

Right now I am currently working my way through this application

So you can earn SwagBucks from searches, shopping through their website, watching videos and more! And redeem the SwagBucks fro a whole load of things.. Including PayPal Credit! 700 SwagBucks for $5!!! Bonus! YAAY!!

Simply watch the vidoes and watch the Meter fill up to gain 5 SwagBucks! TOO EASY! And so will be clicking on here at least few times a day or more! Whilst playing on my other clicks and websites

Thursday, 3 February 2011

ToolBar Helper

If you really want to follow us here but don't fancy getting emails every so often or have updates blinking on your screen constantly!

Then have a look at out toolbar! Small icon to say that there is a blog been posted, message left for you to read and reply to and more! I am linked to it so come and chat with me xx

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