Sunday, 30 January 2011

Latest Clicks…

I have been clicking like mad over the past few days… And catching up with my targets that i have set myself… Well, Trying to catch up over the weekend that I have been lacking over the week.

1:1 Traffic Exchange

Have been earning credits for my websites to advertise them and gain traffic. And enjoying it over the weekends more than during the week.. As I can click and do other things at the same time..

I have become a premium member here to gain more adverts to click.. As more people post their adverts for premium members not for the other members… So I am earning alot right now and want to use the cash to post my adverts for the free members so they have something to click… and I will gain more traffic from this…

Start Xchange Banner

A very nice layout and with a  small chat room down the side of the page.. you can turn it off and just click.. but i fidn it quite entertaining when I am concentrating on the site.


So now I am going to carry on with my target busting.

Oh! Almost forgot!! Fancy a little shop online that is cheaper than Ebay!?

IcyBids – Brand new auction shopping site.. See how cheap it is to set up a small shop, auction your products and show how great it can be!

Check out my shop!

Shopping Trolley 125x125

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