Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Few Dear Friends

I have met a lot of people through my time online… and through my journey or earning online it has been bumpy but fun to say the least! So here are a few of my friends..

Suzanne – Has been a decent person to help me with my novice freelancing.. I am crap at writing but she has helped give me pointers in the right direction, showed me how to sound and look professional in my writing and also gave me tips on earning the right way online.

The Blogger – I met not too long ago and have been helping with his affiliate and blog.. Feel free to check their blog out and feedback is always welcome.

ChillPill90 – has been a fun person to get to know.. they are currently earning through a number of ways and I am hoping they will wish to be a writer on here and post their links, banners and experiences here to share with all. I certainly wish to hear more! hee hee!!

Rizza – A shy person to the earning business… but is always keen to learn. And has done so… Currently she is working on her blogs and hoping for more followers to help with her work. Also if there are any tips that could help improve, she does enjoy gaining new skills…


So here are a few of my friends who I enjoy interacting and knowing… Feel free to follow their blogs and give them tips, comments and more. They do enjoy gaining more knowledge and improving their blogs to make them more enjoyable to read and follow. As do I.


  1. Thanks for the mention, I am happy to help in any way I can!

  2. You have been dear... following your blogs and gaining more and more knowledge is all the help i have been getting.. and asking you Qs as wel you are always there to help out! Thank You xx

  3. thank you for the honour of putting my link on you blog :) I will do the same for you, but probably in a differnt way...I will probaly just link the word "money making" or something like that to your page... sound good?

  4. that sounds like a plan dear... go for it... do you ill want to be a writer here as been as you don't write posts on here.......


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