Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shopping!?? Get CASH BACK!!!

For a MAJOR fan of The Gadget Show here in the UK, I have found that they are great for savings for shopping online... They did a Christmas Special on savvy saving online... But found that site can save you all year round!!!

Top Cash Back is a great place to start out and earn for purchasing online and getting cash back for it!!!

It is the best thing to ever to come out for online earning!! I am a valid member and soon to get my cash back... But I need to see how it tracks the cash to be given to me... I've ordered some things and will see how it works and get back to you...
But assure you that if it has been approved on The Gadget Show it DOES work!!!! And will soon see!!!!

Quidco is another CashBack site and this one looks nicer to surf and use... You can save sites as your favourites and click back to them as much as you like!! Evan though you have to wait up to 14 days to see if your transaction is beign tracked and processed to get cash back... But it is nicer to use.... This site was mentioned on the show and so is a approved site so another one to see if money comes back...

But do think that having friends referred on Top Cash Back and gaining from friends earning aswell is a major must!!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sharing Files for cash!!!


This site is GREAT for sharing all your files  and get paid for people downloading them!!!! Found a friend blogged about it and i seen the site which was laid out really well and explained what I was getting into... And signed up IMMEDIATELY!!!! Shame that he didnt put the links in his blog for his affliate program... shame he misses out but I could see if I could try and put him down as my refer and see if they will let him gain from my logs.

But I do see it could be a good site to get easy cash from... Will wait and see but If you want to check it out urself and join my crew... Click above!!
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