Monday, 9 May 2016

Earn Selling Fashion

It's the 1st direct selling branded clothing company.
It's now FREE to joins til 2nd July and then you will have to pay a fee.
You will recieve your own online shop/website, and get paid weekly.
Brands of clothing such as: Dolce & Gabbanna, Boss, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Miss Sixty, Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Valentino, Fendi and loads more. Includes shoes, handbags, belts, glasses etc.
Upto 50% off normal prices.
You can advertise, sell and recruit anywhere online and in all countries too.
This is an amazing opportunity that should NOT be missed.
Please ask me for more info or if your interested in joining my team. 
I am excited about getting on this one and hope u are too!! 

1 fashion global. It's based in Spain, Barcelona and there's also another admin office in Manchester.
This company is the first direct selling company thats about to be launched in the UK on July 2nd.
There is now only about 100 reps in the UK so far, which is such an amazing opportunity that can't be missed! 
The company sells all branded clothes, shoes and accessories (genuine items) at 50% off normal high street prices. We have to order at least £50 worth of products each month to earn 50 points, which will keep us active and recieve our commissions earnt each month, otherwise you don't get paid for that month. This is easy to do by having your own page or a group and taking orders personally rather than using your personal shopping link. We can advertise, sell and recruit people to our teams anywhere online in the world, or mouth to mouth etc.

There are 8 different ways we get paid with the compensation plan. The english site will be set up by the end of this month, when the companies launched in the UK on 2nd July 2016. It is now FREE to join, until the launch date, then you will have to pay a few to join. You will recieve your own shop/website. 10% discount for reps and other bonuses on top from your teams sales too.

After the big launch 2nd July there is a small fee to join so there is nothing to lose by joining now! X
Take a look at this video for the full details

If you go onto my link below, click the British flag at the top of the page, to turn it into English, and then click the drop down list, its says JOIN, then a few things while your setting up.

Surname 2 put a . (Dot) In there.
Verification section, use the drop down list, click onto TAX ID and then put your National Insurance number there or PASSPORT and enter your passport number.

And the country known for the UK, if you live there, in the scroll down list, is currently known as: REINO UNDIO, we are currently amending the sites to automatically come up in our own languages.

Please let me know if you need any help to fill in the form. It is still in Spanish for some parts so take your time filling it in. The Verification is for age purpose. Just your NI number will do there. X

With this business being brand new it is currently in Spanish being translated into English and converted so signing up can seem daunting but is real easy to do! Commission rates are also in euros but can be converted easily enough X

To sign up please click this link and find at the top our British flag. Click that and it will translate some of the form. Now please read the next message to help you sign up easier.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sweeba - Paid To Socialise

A brand new social site that I found whilst browsing through one of my PTC sites and thought to check it out.

Earn quite quickly here, make friends and enjoy chatting with new people. Minimum payout is $5 through PayPal, Payza, Neteller or Solidtrustpay. 

This looks like it could be fun.. So how about adding me! Boo Taboo. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Back For Good

After a few years taking time out from things, I have now got back into things properly this time. 

I found that since Mylot became non-profit website, many of my friends soon left. I did also! But for some reason I was sparked into checking it out, see if it was sill around. And fair enough, it is. And paying again!! Fingers crossed they bring back affiliate, miss my downline!

Clixsense is another that I have got back into again. This site has not changed one bit. And is giving me daily earnings so can cash out soon enough. Join me here

Scarlet Bux is a new one for me. Literally just joined yesterday and found that there are loads of ads you can click daily! Can say that you can earn anywhere between $0.0001 to $0.005 per click but I have already got up to $0.02122 only clicked half way through my second day. So not bad! Join me here.

I am super excited to get things going and help you earn also! So let's get motivated to make it big together!! 

Friday, 4 November 2011

#1ADAY #Sales

Saucy Undies has been getting ready for Christmas. With discounts Galore going on throughout the year, there are added Extras for this Festive season!

  • Quote ‘CHSHOP’ in the Discount Coupon Section at the checkout
  • Orders over £30 are given free Delivery
  • Over 5 items ordered at any one time you get an assed discount on top of the discounts you have already upon checkout
  • And you have Points you can use to save EVEN more on your order..! And you get points on top for your next order!! Spoilt Much..?

So here is their latest #1ADAY #SALE they have right now..


Leather Halterneck Top




Genuine leather top with buckle fastening front.

Comes in sizes Small, Medium or Large

Was £73.99 Now £66.5910% Off!


Click the Picture to be Re-Directed to the item on sale now.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New System

 With recent clicks on another site - Found this site and thought about giving it a try. Download the secure software and away you go! EASY!! It tracks the browsing you do like you normally do. They do have a few tricks for you to follow to ensure you get the maximum out of the system. So what do you have to lose..? Not much.. heehee

Sunday, 18 September 2011


This has been my downfall.. With recent problems with my laptop I have lost most if nto all of my URL's I joined with years ago. This site I have become a premium member and really do need to be on here daily to ensure i get full advantacge of it. 
So just got on the site and found there was 5 premium adverts to click worth $0.01 each and 39 adverts worth $0.001 each.. so was loads for me to do! And was fun doing them! funny that not a big fan on PTC but knowing I am premium and had loads to click to earn, was quite nice to see that! 

I do have one referral and have made them premium with me as well.. so hope they are doing well too! Have messaged them to say hi and sorry for not being on recently.. do hope that they come on soon enough.. 

Wonder.. Who else would love to be premium..? If you are a friend and willing to be active maybe I could contribute to you becoming premium... But have to be active as I will be from now on.. Activity earns more for all.. Thinking that once I earn enough from here will use some fo the cash towards some adverts.. could do with more adverts daily on premium and ordinary members.. So maybe with more adverts to click will encourage more peopel to come onto this site and hence earn more!! NICE!! Do hoep for the best there and with few others currently getting back into..

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Paid Fast!

Here you can see, This site I haven't been on or a little while now - And found that I had some money waiting for me! New referrals, Earnings growing and payment has been sent straight to me as soon as i asked for it!

Here is the proof of my payment literally as soon as It come through! I have stayed up to do this and get the payment after recieveing many emails and finally wanting to get on there and clear them! lmao!!

So get on there adn get earning now!! Easy cash and fast too!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Own Domain

For that professional sounding URL and to attract potential clients to your site you need your own Domain! Cheap, easy way to gain it. So get on and soon find that cients and such will flock to you!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Awaiting Payment

Blog Ads
I have been witing for advertisers from this site for a little while now and have started to earn a little from there.
Recently completed another post for a client and now await my $10 for the post. Do enjoy writing for clients from this website and showing you all how the payments can come through. Do suggest that you have your own Domain Name for your blogs as this can attract clients to send work to you. And if you do quite well they might come back again and again.

Well soon be payday from Fro2g Paid Chat and will post how much I have earned from there. Still want to use the earnings from there to buy more percentage points so can earn more from them each month. Is a shame that the value for credits is quite low right now. Really want it to be $1 if not higher! But right now it isn't going to happen this month being as Aug is nearly over.

So soon earning online will get a bit beter with more points and more clients coming to me for posts. Hope to gain more from this and be able to earn enough to do part-time work instead of doing 2 jobs! :-(
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