Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Awaiting Payment

Blog Ads
I have been witing for advertisers from this site for a little while now and have started to earn a little from there.
Recently completed another post for a client and now await my $10 for the post. Do enjoy writing for clients from this website and showing you all how the payments can come through. Do suggest that you have your own Domain Name for your blogs as this can attract clients to send work to you. And if you do quite well they might come back again and again.

Well soon be payday from Fro2g Paid Chat and will post how much I have earned from there. Still want to use the earnings from there to buy more percentage points so can earn more from them each month. Is a shame that the value for credits is quite low right now. Really want it to be $1 if not higher! But right now it isn't going to happen this month being as Aug is nearly over.

So soon earning online will get a bit beter with more points and more clients coming to me for posts. Hope to gain more from this and be able to earn enough to do part-time work instead of doing 2 jobs! :-(
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