Sunday, 29 November 2009

Reached my 1st $1 !!!!

On TinkerBar I have reached $1.24 and rising!!!
Gomez PEER has reached $0.41....
Now I know that I had TinkerBar around week and a half longer maybe more but compared them and they don't seem to make similar amount in 24 hours... Which is a shame really but Every penny counts!!! lol

Also enjoying blogging at the moment.. Check out my other blogs for other details on these... Sorry should really just use this blog for money updates.. but seem to use my other blog aswell.. which helps out for the moment lol
Still after authors for this blog... any takers!?? Haven't had any queries yet and really wana get some peeps onto it 'sigh'!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Found An Alternative to Adsense....

Recently got blocked on Adsense for clicking their ads... OOOPPPPPPPppps!!! Sorry but when you blog about christmas shopping and ads pop up about present ideas.... What Am I to do!??!??

So googled and found another site that is little easier to use... and Won't CLICK them!!! AS they dont always advertise alot of things on there but think they pay you... I have just joined last night so got to try them out see what they are like....

So this site you can paste into a java gadget on your blog and show it down the side of your blogs... As seen here... And then people just visit and click... Thats IT!!

But I have noticed taht my sexy blog doesn't get many hits than here at the mo... Got to get this out there!! And people love a bit of filth!!! So if ur a woman and wana get in on that! Message me ur email and will invite u to join me on that!!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Testing A New Site

I have found a site that pays as you surf... evan if your not on a web page!! having your connection to the internet on..... You get Paid!!! How Cool is that!??!?

What to do.....
1. Click on link here and register.
2. Download the ticker application... This is to tell the website if you are online and how much to pay you.
3. Use internet as normal and watch the money roll in!!! It's THAT easy!!!!

Yes I know, I couldn't believe it myself but at 1st couldn't download the ticker application... :'-(
But tried again after a few weeks and it worked!! And over an hr of playing online I've earned $0.01!! And I play on here ALOT so see how much will accumilate!!! :-D

So will give updates on how its going and if you want to give it a try, Click link above!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bloggers Unite!!!

If you are a novice and want to get to know how to gain revenue here... please email me and I will send you a invitation to be an author on this blog... Here you can advertise your blogs, other sites and create traffic... I will personally advertise this blog to as many people as possible and for no fee at all... as will gain with adsense here... if you have adsense aswell... do the same and we can all get on the band wagon!! hehe!!

Check out my profile and email me from there... An opportunity is open for up to 10people so get in!! after that this blog will be erased and if anyone has heard about this will be swatted away... or maybe another blog similar can be set up!!

Currently under construction till there is sufficiant persons on here so HURRY!!!!

Currently Under Construction

People who are here... Sorry but we are currently cosntruction on this blog. We are sorry for any inconvienience and hope to be running soon...

Please follow us and recieve updates on when we are up and running.

Thanks for visiting!
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