Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Free Online Shop

httpI have been researching and found this little site that you can make your very own online shop for free!!

Yes... FREE!!! And i can give you some free dropship sites that you can put the items onto your shop...
Free Ecommerce Website is a very nice site to use... Looks clean and effecient. You can change nar enough everything on there to be able to make the shop your own. But you so have to update the items yourself and add them to your site individually.. It can be a bit of a pain but if you are ready to get a small business going then you can get it done here!

Right... a few small DropShips...

Beauty - This is for UK shipping mainly
Computer Gadgets - This is for UK shipping mainly
Fancy Dress - This is for UK shipping mainly
Toys - This is for UK shipping mainly
www.cafepress.COM or UK site - COM site for US and other countries

I do enjoy using the caepress for designing tops and putting my website on the back to help advertise... So feel free to ask for more details.. If you are sure you fancy giving it ago.. feel free to let us knwo what you have called your new shop and the address for it so we can have a lookie!! heehee!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Just for the nice way of following and gaining followers I have now joined BlogLovin

So to claim the blog i have to post the link here and let others see where i now show my blogs heehee

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Top Try Outs

Right now I have been concentrating on a few sites right now..

These 2 I am concentrating on and seem to be getting quite far on..
ClickSense, Have been a premium member since jan 2011 and have left it for a while.. But soon found it again and so getting my clicks in and also have added a friend on there! So I have upgraded her to premium also so I can earn more from her activity and she can earn more from teh extra adverts! EASY!!

And so we both win really!!!

Paid2YouTube is a fairly new concept.. Haven't heard any payouts about this site.. But soe have been bad.. but my friend joined it and so i picked up from where i left off.. Joined a while ago but wasnt getting many clicks to view so left it. But now found there are many more now so hoping the quick views will help get cash in..

So ro2 has changed to

The website is still got the same concept - that you earn from chatting but there are new changes that you will need to know.. So here is the low down

  • Now we get paid monthly.. you have to be eligable for payment 
  • To ensure you are allowed to get paid every month, click the adverts every day before you do anything 
  • Percentage points are now your way to earn each month also - 1 point = 1 credit($1)
  • 100 points = 100 credits($100) every month
  • Write up to 500 lines at minimum or 40 characters to earn the line to count to $1 
  • 100 clicks on your Paid To Promote link/banners to earn $1 also
  • all the earnings you collect through lines or clicks will show on your statistics and be paid at the end of the month.
So now you can see.. This website is now being classed as a full time job online.. no joke! If you are able to stay online fro a while and get good lines in, friends to click and get many points in as you can afford to, you will get a bonus each month.. I hope to do the same someday but right nwo it is going to be a bit fo a slow process..
Seen as it is brand new change, right now I personally have been keping tabs on there but not on as much as before. But soon as payment comes through and thing settle down more, will be on there more, purchasing more points and earning more each month..!

Am excited about how it can work out for all.. but right now it is new so give it time...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Vote For Us!!

So here we are... now I feel that if we cna make it onto this top 50 list we may actually start to get noticed as a trusted blogsite..

So if you enjoy it here and find the information helpful or things that have worked here rfo me has worked for you too..
Vote for us
And then get your firends to come along and check us out and  Vote for us

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blogsvertise Updated

I have been a bit slack on this recently with my business and other earning sites... But now I am back to it!

Blog Ads

Here you can either advertise on my blog or maybe you fancy doing the same as I do there.. I really enjoyed my first Task I was set there.. and had a nice little payment for it too.
So here you see my first ever payment!! And very proud of it too!! LOL

So how about you come and join in too! wait fro the email and find yourself working for some nice people..
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