Saturday, 8 January 2011

Latest Takings..

If you fancy some quick and fun earnings… here are my tips..

I have been paid quite a bit from my referrals and using the diamond points to buy wheel spins on a lotto kind of thing, where you can win from $2 to 10 diamond points. I joined here a while ago and just forgot all about it… Didn’t understand it really and had posted the banner on my blog I left it for a while… got back to it to find soo many referrals had joined and participated on the site and I had earned over $5 for their help! So soon cashed out.. And having over 600 diamond points i soon got going on lotto wheels pins and earned allot from that too so soon cashed that out as well!

Is the most fun lil place ever!! If you love to chat and meet fun people… and earn for doing it! Then get on over here and meet some of the best people to ever help you chat and earn! For a beginner it is advised you read the rules which is always on show for all to read… also pay attention to MOD’s and Admin who are the nicknames with dots next to them… they will advise and help you with anything that you may wish to ask…
Click a nickname from the chat room and type next to it in the writing box below… and press enter to send your message fro that person to the chat room. Be aware that writing too many lines one after the other on the page is classed as spamming. Ensure that if you are to share a link that you send it to someone who wishes for it and not to just keep posting them over and over… have a real conversation… we are here to have fun not to be sold everything possible! Always ask fro help and be polite… we don’t fancy seeing new people come in and not come back due to their naivety.
Look out for me! SaucyReet xx
mylot banner
This site I love to be on.. And earning on here can be a little tough but is well worth it if you enjoy reading posts about all sorts and commenting about them in great detail giving advice and your thoughts… please be as un-biased and positive about the subjects as you possibly can… we all hate to receive negative feedback but if it is worded in a positive way it can be seen in a lighter note rather than it being bad. Everyone wants to gain feedback, good or bad, saying something negative but then seeing it in another way as well can make others see it differently and also the person who posted the subject see it differently instead of being one sided so to speak.
Well, here are a few of my faves so far… there are more on the Banners Page on here so please have a look and see what you think…

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