Writing Assignments

If you wish to have your Website, Products or anything else...
Please use the conact button stating:-
  • What it is you wish to be featured - links, HTMLs etc.
  • How you wish the post to be shown - as a personal view, linked to other websites
  • Ensure what can be copied and what is not allowed - pictures, links not stated by you.
Your post will contain over 100 words. Research will be my own genuine searches of the links given to me and give my own personal view, positive, informative and easy to gain the information posted.

Once I have recieved the information you can send your payment of £10 via PayPal

Once recieved your advertising post will be posted and a link sent to you. If you wish for it to be changed - state what you wish to be changed and how you wish it to be put and I can change it for you. If dissatisfied, Your money will be refunded.


Rita H.

Recently made a website dedicated to this. Money Writers Webs is where you will find a small list to make it easier for you to shop for certain writing skills and also take the hassle of advertising your posts also!

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