Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Visiting Old Sites

I have been going through some of my old sites that I joined like 2004 or more!!

And they are still active!!! hee hee!! Now with some of them… I was very naive and was wanting to make money online but was going about it so wrongly! Where as now I have a bit more of a clue as to how to go about it… also have more time online to get on with it. So now can take a look again and maybe start to get something done.


It was sparked by looking at my friend’s Blog The Weekly Writer and thought about visiting the site cos i remember joining it yeas ago and haven’t been back to it!

So i went on and found it is STILL active! yaay!! So now can add more blogs to it…

I really do enjoy flicking through my friend’s blog posts… regularly am having a read, commenting and clicking adverts to help with their revenue… And do hope they do same for me…

Right… I am currently adding more advertising space to my other blogs now… and seeing how my adverts have been doing… So will catch u soon! So feel free to comment on here or leave me a msg on my Meebo chat box down the side here.. Let me know if u want to join as a writer on here… help boost your revenue and others aswell xx

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