Saturday, 18 December 2010

Brand New Writing Websites

I have recently started to become more into Freelancing… And being a total novice, I found one website that I haven’t been on for a few years!
Click Here to Advertise On My Blog

So hooked up a couple of my blogs and got a task few days after posting them… I completed the task and now await payment… I really enjoyed it and was hungry for more!

Now have started to look for more websites similar to this one… And found Earn Money Here is a small list of some earning websites where advertisers send links and what they want in the blog… And the blogger is to follow the information and add extras to show they researched the website or items that are to be featured on the blog. Then you submit the blog entry and await approval or decline of the entry.. If approved, await payment… EASY!
So here are a few of my Links to sites I have joined and now await advertisers.


Blog To Profit – Please ensure you put as your referrer.

I am currently working through these brand new websites and will give you updates and if anymore websites catch my eye..


  1. Hi found you through FB and was does this work? I got contacted by Overstock to blog about their products but they are saying they are offering me a 10% discount if I blog their products....sound right? I love to blog and interact with people and have a site....

  2. Are they still paying you to blog about their products? as well as giving you the discount...? With these websites you post your blogs and your profile, Advertisers can viit your blogs and choose to give you an assignment with links HTML's and what they want to be added in the blog post... Feel free to check out my Advertising Spaces... I am currently adding to it with information about Freelancing websites.


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