Sunday, 12 December 2010

Currently In a Rut!

With all this VAT rise… it is getting quite hard to keep up with updating my website. Really wish that it was easier to change it all… but have to do it by hand atm.. Hopefully the VAT won’t change for a while!

So right now I am going to carry on cracking on with it. And also try to have fun flicking back n forth onto other sites, chat with friends maybe or blogging elsewhere about something else… Usually takes me around 3-10mins to write out a blog… but with so many distractions or working on other things as well as my blog… can take me up to half hour! Which isn’t too good but with having my Windows Live Writer it can be very handy. It saves the blog thus far and cant lose it like I have done with my Firefox crashing! It has calmed down now since taking off some of the Paying Pop Ups I was getting…

Man that was a pain! But seems to have helped with the problems I was getting…


So I had better get on with it.. Started to carry on with the changes on my website, and was distracted! So will finish here for now.  Will be back soon… How long it will take me to get through work I have NO idea! hee hee!!!

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