Saturday, 11 December 2010

Really Should….

Have got a headache and Really should not be on my laptop… But here I am…!

Although.. It does seem to be easing since drinking lots of juice and pills have kicked in finally! after an hr n half they have started to work… Will take more during the day to keep it away. Right… I am still wanting writers for here and some GF’s on my Hunny Central Blog also…

Know of anyone… or yourselves want to write here or on Hunny Central Blog? Please contact me with your email address and where you wish to write and why.. and we can make you co writer!

I have been posting my blogs on which is a collection of fellow bloggers who wish to be featured and search for similar blogs to their own… or maybe find unusual ones around as well! There are plenty of them about and there are easy ways to find them… Open-mouthed smile

So how about getting yourself out there and have your blog viewed by more people…? I am!!!

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