Friday, 10 December 2010

VAT Headache

Looks like it is going to be a busy time for me with VAT coming up in Jan and having to go through EACH item on Saucy Undies to change them all! Once they are all done it will be easier to sort them when VAT changes back… Eventually it will happen!! hope!!

So have been up since 3am… Couldn’t sleep so thought I had better make myself useful… I have got quite a bit done today… Wish I didn’t have work soon… Really want to carry on really!!

Right now I have this Live Writer open and my Admin site open also clicking and editing VAT, prices etc… It all has to be done really But I tell everyone this… Don’t fear!! There is still our Discounts to come throughout the year!! some to be used once per customer… others can be used up to 5times per customer! Nifty!!

So please download our ToolBar and gain Instant Access to all the latest and greatest deals! ToolBar is the Chat icon on the blog page… Click and follow the easy and safe instructions…

And pass this on!!! LOL

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