Monday, 20 December 2010

Brand New Writing Website

I found from my friend Andrij's blog about Microworkers website. Here you can browse through all the available tasks from posting comments on websites to posting links or banners on your websites. They have the prices of the completed tasks shown and instructions on what is needed to complete and qualify for payment.
I had found it a really nice set up with easy to use site, simple instructions explained and you can track all your tasks you completed, pending, declined or satisfied and paid.

You can also post Campaigns here as well. If you want a task to be done by someone.. Post a comment on a blog and send a link to Facebook or Twitter. Write a blog about something specific. Post a permanent link or Banner somewhere to be monitored. There is a lot of things you can submit there and give a fee for the task once completed.
I really do enjoy being a brand new member of this site and recommend everyone to have a look at Microworkers

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