Friday, 11 February 2011

Whilst Clicking…. Inspired!

Whilst I was clicking through EasyHits, I found a banner above one of the advertising websites. Looked interesting so I clicked it… And found
Get 10,000+ visitors to your site daily with's free targeted traffic exchange and banner network.
Here you can advertise your websites and links with them.. Also you can earn via their manual surfing or Auto surfing system! Which I was particularly interested in!
Open-mouthed smile So had to join up!! and now, I can click onto it and leave it to do it’s thing!
Here you can see the auto surf counter at the top of the screen. This will count down and change the page automatically. so you can surf your other websites and check in every so often!
I have found though… after a little while of being on another website, Check back to find it has logged me out and says that there are no more sites for my region… which is strange really… I click Auto surf again and find more sites to surf… but it does it again..
Wonder if that is their cheat defence! If it is… might have to keep clicking every so often back to log back on and surf a bit more then log back in over and over… UGH…..!

at least the manual one is same as EasyHits. you have to click a word or do a sum to verify you are there and human..

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