Monday, 21 February 2011

Triond Postings..

I am going back to my roots on this one my blogging friends...

I have been getting back to it all and started to find that once I post something and it is approved, I will post the links to every available place to gain as much traffic as possible for it. Although using PTC would be cheating... having my posts showing on here and having this being shown for all to see isn't directly cheating..
So here goes... Something I had in draft for a long time and just happened to be finishing another article when I found this.
Busy With Online Life

Wuite informative if I do say so myself... And there is another I am currently waiting for approval on which I feel was very professionally written for myself! Hee Hee!!
So find me on Triond and add me peeps! my name is hilighted on the article.

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