Friday, 31 December 2010

Currently Earning…..

So here is a small low down on what I am currently working on…
AdBrite – In-Text advertising, Banner ads and Full Page advertising. They pay per click as well as advertising views on the page.
Infolinks – In-Text advertising. They pay per click as well as advertising impressions, Though you don’t earn as much from them as with AdBrite as they have extra options to earning with the extra advertising.
Micro Workers – Task based site. Earn by completing all sorts of tasks people advertise to do for a fee. Soon as you have submitted your task and the relevant details needed, the advertiser reviews the details given and if you have completed it adequately, you are paid. I do enjoy going onto this site and earning a bit by clicking a few links, blogging about details etc. for the advertisers.
Blogsvertise – Task based site. Same as Micro Workers but the advertisers approach the potential publishers. So submitting a blog that has a theme, own domain and seems interesting to advertise on. I have been approached 4 times since signing up and enjoy writing fro the advertisers. So soon they will carry on coming to my blogs and I can gain a reputation with them and earn around $20 for each post.
Saucy Undies – My very own website. I sell items of Lingerie and Adult Products here and deal with the suppliers, customers, deliveries, discounts, sales and more. UK – Based
OnBux – Pay To Click site.. I have been on a lot of PTC sites and never was paid… I found this one through my Earning Chat Room and they are really big due to them advertising an extra earning opportunity on their chat site. So going to give it a go… Slow going with the adverts being limited to around 4 a day for free members. $0.01 earned per ad.
“The first time you'll need $ 2.00 or more to make the cash out using your payment processor of choice. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash out until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00. The first cash out also requires you to have made at least 60 personal clicks, after which there is no more click requirements.”
Ro2 Chat – Earn by chatting on the chat rooms…! Now before you rush straight into it I do warn you to please read the rules and abide by the MOD’s and Admin’s friendly mentions.. AS they can give you more information on more rules that are not listed. There are a lot to take in so please be patient and enjoy your time there.. Look me up! SaucyReet.

I will soon update this blog with more earning potentials.. So keep an eye out! hee hee

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