Friday, 24 December 2010

Car Registrations–Popularity

For everyone that knows, a car has to have a Registration Plate. This is for the police to be able to check the car’s details like history of the car, if it has been Tax and MOT services, see who the current owner is of the vehicle and if they have a license to be driving on the road.

These days there are more and more vehicles on the roads and it does seem to be getting more and more popular to have ‘Personalised Plates’ to show their love for their vehicle and be unique, stand – out from the crowd. Not like having a Shocking Pink car with furry die in the window is unique! hee hee

I had a look at some strange Personalised Plates and found these ones…

funny number plate 1funny number plate 2funny number plate 3funny number plate 4

There are absolutely loads out there!! And some that are just plain Rude! But I do think that if you can manipulate letters and numbers into funny words or phrases… you could put pretty much anything!

I do know that here in the UK there are certain letters, numbers and sequences that they could appear are not allowed… as they do not want it to read naughty or be mis - read as a different letter or number.

E.G. 1 can be read as a I and  number 0 can be seen as  an O so these are shown to be in different format to make it easier to be defined. Also the format of the plate and thickness of the letters / numbers etc. have to be at a legal format. As this can make it hard to be read by people and cameras.

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