Sunday, 15 November 2009

Testing A New Site

I have found a site that pays as you surf... evan if your not on a web page!! having your connection to the internet on..... You get Paid!!! How Cool is that!??!?

What to do.....
1. Click on link here and register.
2. Download the ticker application... This is to tell the website if you are online and how much to pay you.
3. Use internet as normal and watch the money roll in!!! It's THAT easy!!!!

Yes I know, I couldn't believe it myself but at 1st couldn't download the ticker application... :'-(
But tried again after a few weeks and it worked!! And over an hr of playing online I've earned $0.01!! And I play on here ALOT so see how much will accumilate!!! :-D

So will give updates on how its going and if you want to give it a try, Click link above!!!

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