Friday, 27 November 2009

Found An Alternative to Adsense....

Recently got blocked on Adsense for clicking their ads... OOOPPPPPPPppps!!! Sorry but when you blog about christmas shopping and ads pop up about present ideas.... What Am I to do!??!??

So googled and found another site that is little easier to use... and Won't CLICK them!!! AS they dont always advertise alot of things on there but think they pay you... I have just joined last night so got to try them out see what they are like....

So this site you can paste into a java gadget on your blog and show it down the side of your blogs... As seen here... And then people just visit and click... Thats IT!!

But I have noticed taht my sexy blog doesn't get many hits than here at the mo... Got to get this out there!! And people love a bit of filth!!! So if ur a woman and wana get in on that! Message me ur email and will invite u to join me on that!!!

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