Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Back For Good

After a few years taking time out from things, I have now got back into things properly this time. 

I found that since Mylot became non-profit website, many of my friends soon left. I did also! But for some reason I was sparked into checking it out, see if it was sill around. And fair enough, it is. And paying again!! Fingers crossed they bring back affiliate, miss my downline!

Clixsense is another that I have got back into again. This site has not changed one bit. And is giving me daily earnings so can cash out soon enough. Join me here 

Scarlet Bux is a new one for me. Literally just joined yesterday and found that there are loads of ads you can click daily! Can say that you can earn anywhere between $0.0001 to $0.005 per click but I have already got up to $0.02122 only clicked half way through my second day. So not bad! Join me here.

I am super excited to get things going and help you earn also! So let's get motivated to make it big together!! 

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