Sunday, 18 September 2011


This has been my downfall.. With recent problems with my laptop I have lost most if nto all of my URL's I joined with years ago. This site I have become a premium member and really do need to be on here daily to ensure i get full advantacge of it. 
So just got on the site and found there was 5 premium adverts to click worth $0.01 each and 39 adverts worth $0.001 each.. so was loads for me to do! And was fun doing them! funny that not a big fan on PTC but knowing I am premium and had loads to click to earn, was quite nice to see that! 

I do have one referral and have made them premium with me as well.. so hope they are doing well too! Have messaged them to say hi and sorry for not being on recently.. do hope that they come on soon enough.. 

Wonder.. Who else would love to be premium..? If you are a friend and willing to be active maybe I could contribute to you becoming premium... But have to be active as I will be from now on.. Activity earns more for all.. Thinking that once I earn enough from here will use some fo the cash towards some adverts.. could do with more adverts daily on premium and ordinary members.. So maybe with more adverts to click will encourage more peopel to come onto this site and hence earn more!! NICE!! Do hoep for the best there and with few others currently getting back into..

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