Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Free Online Shop

httpI have been researching and found this little site that you can make your very own online shop for free!!

Yes... FREE!!! And i can give you some free dropship sites that you can put the items onto your shop...
Free Ecommerce Website is a very nice site to use... Looks clean and effecient. You can change nar enough everything on there to be able to make the shop your own. But you so have to update the items yourself and add them to your site individually.. It can be a bit of a pain but if you are ready to get a small business going then you can get it done here!

Right... a few small DropShips...

Beauty - This is for UK shipping mainly
Computer Gadgets - This is for UK shipping mainly
Fancy Dress - This is for UK shipping mainly
Toys - This is for UK shipping mainly
www.cafepress.COM or UK site - COM site for US and other countries

I do enjoy using the caepress for designing tops and putting my website on the back to help advertise... So feel free to ask for more details.. If you are sure you fancy giving it ago.. feel free to let us knwo what you have called your new shop and the address for it so we can have a lookie!! heehee!!!

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