Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Updates Thus Far

So now for the updates over the past few weeks…

Well as you may have seen there are advertising spaces in the right hand menu. They are for people who wish to advertise their websites, affiliate links, blogs and more! So now all I wish to do is to gain some writers here, followers also and we can start to gain together…

This can be done we just need to stick to it and  have some fun doing it! hee hee!!

So fancy it?? Let me know

Right, next…. Have been on a fun new little chat site where you earn for chatting!

Here you can meet new people and earn for your fun time here!! I am currently enjoying it… Haven’t been on for a few days… sorting out things. So catch me on here soon! ‘SaucyReet’ is my name.. So say HI!!

Also my online shop Saucy Undies which I have mentioned here before… I am currently gaining more customers from when I started up in June of this year… I do enjoy working on this ‘hobby’ so to speak, currently sorting out tax on this and hoping it picks up enough to start to bring in enough income that I can actually do a part time job and be at home doing this that I love. Advertising and word of mouth is always key. I am advertising everywhere, contact cards for when I travel and telling people about it when I first meet them.

It seems to be working as customers are coming in. And dealing with them online at a time that suits me and them is great! So can receive emails from the customers and respond when I can. Also can help with queries and discounts.

That is about most of it… I will keep on top of this and encourage more people to come and join us here… Feel free to let others know about us.

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